Friday, July 9, 2010

the very last Hills Aftershow

What a crazy ride it's been. I remember when we first started The Laguna Beach Aftershow years ago. I used to be one of the Aftershow "friends" on a regular basis before the show gained momentum (and viewers!!). We shot it in the studio with no audience. I was the one who made the stencils for those god-awful "Team LC" and "Team Kristin" shirts that Dan and Jessi wore on that first show... and those cocktails in the martini glasses used to be real cocktails, not Vitamin Water!

I was so proud to watch Dan and Jessi grow during the duration of the show, and watch it get picked up by the U.S. and be one of the first shows to go live from Canada to the U.S.! Eventually we were invited down to LA and NY to participate in the premieres and finales for The Hills (which I've written about in past blogs). I used to stand back and watch the audience file in and fill up the Concert Hall and was just in awe of how successful The Aftershow had become.

As we all know, all good things must come to an end, and the last Canadian-aired Hills Aftershow was very emotional for everyone who had been involved with the show. As Dan and Jessi said their goodbyes at the end of the show, they both got choked up which sent our entire crew and the devoted Aftershow Friends into tears.

jessi and dan

Tika has been an Aftershow Friend almost since the beginning. She had quite a following of her own based on her "tell it like it is" personality and fans in the audience would yell "TIKA!!" when she came onstage. All of these photos are courtesy of Tika. She's a little emotional in this one:

emotional tika

I have to add Tika's comment on this photo... it made me laugh! "4 years and NEVER had one picture with Lucky...She did my make-up and ALWAYS made me look beautiful even though I was NEGRO-late EVERY TIME!!! EXCEPT THE LAST SHOW!!! I made it a priority to make it on time! love you Lucky!!! Thanx for the memories! LOVE! :)"

me & tika

Sad to see it go, excited for what the future brings!! As they say in the biz, That's A Wrap!!

jen, tika, jessi, dean, dan

Now, off to LA to do the big Hills finale!


  1. This is so sad:( Cant you guys do a new aftershow? I gonna miss drooling over Jessi's clothes and makeup... and hair.

  2. I wish I could have seen early Aftershows with you on it!
    I miss watching the Daily Aftershows now that I live in the states. I really miss DEAN. He's hilarious on 1G5G's