Friday, October 22, 2010

The FINAL Hills Aftershow Finale: A Hollywood Ending

I thought it would be appropriate to do this post now as Jessi's farewell special is now airing on MTV!
Jessi and Dan on set

We shot the final episode at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Apparently this hotel is haunted by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift, but the only bumps in the night that I heard were from drunk patrons returning to their hotel rooms! Here's a shot of the crew building the stage over the famous pool:
building the set

i love street art...
OBEY wall

i had a good laugh at the kind of stuff you can casually buy in any drugstore in Hollywood:
home drug test?!?!

speaking of which, the hotel mini bar wasn't so mini!!
mini bar

of course we had to go to In-N-Out Burger. if you ever go to LA, order it 'animal style'.
In N Out Burger Animal Style

the day of the show, there was a bit of stress as Jessi's dress (that she co-designed with Mikhael Kale) wasn't ready. i was sent out to find some other options for Jessi to wear for the big finale. (no pressure.) if you are a fan of Jessi's at all, you'll know that she has a very distinct eye for fashion, and she's extremely picky about what she wears on a regular day, nevermind the finale!!! so i ran out to shop for our lady (i only had about 3 hours to do this) and she was really pleased with what i chose for her. this is the only time you'll see what she *might* have worn, as the Mikhael Kale dress arrived last minute *phew*!
from left to right: J.Mendel, Azzedine Alaïa, Proenza Schouler
J.Mendel, Azzedine Alaïa, Proenza Schouler

the production desk:
production desk

the makeup area:
makeup area
on set-makeup and hair

mr. levy studies his notes: (i thought he was extra handsome that night...)
mr. dapper

commercial break:
commercial break!


did i mention all the drama that was going on in front of the hotel during the red carpet? Spencer Pratt apparently had tried to book a room overlooking the pool, but having failed that, he dressed up as an old man and pestered the cast and paparazzi.


Jessi and Dan on set


i love this photo. it really sums up how we all felt in this moment...
Hills cast,Jessi

after it was all said and done and everyone was packing up, Lauren Conrad (whose makeup looked flawless thanks to my dear friend Gregory Arlt) came in to say hello, which i thought was just so sweet that she remembered me (i guess we did see each other numerous times over the years!!). i'll never forget the time LC, Audrina and Whitney came to the show together... i had seen something on the internet about one of their co-stars that they hadn't seen yet and i was giving them the scoop. suddenly i realized that i was living a Hills moment, in real life. bizarre. even more bizarre is that The Aftershow is over!!! i have so many fond memories of working on this show that i will always treasure.

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