Sunday, November 7, 2010

Special Effects Legend

today at the Toronto IMATS i had the pleasure of meeting Tom Savini. i told MTV Movie Night about Tom's speaking engagement there so i also got to hang out and listen while they interviewed him. it was really interesting to hear his opinions on CGI vs traditional effects makeup... kind of dying to go to his special effects school now. pretty inspiring.

here's me with Mr. Savini:
with Tom Savini at IMATS Toronto

some memorable quotes:

"You must make your dreams come true because otherwise they will haunt you."

"The more you do, the more you can do."

"The less you have (time, budget, etc.) the more creative you become."

it's hard to believe this dude is in his 60's. i certainly admire his career and hope you check out some of his work if you aren't familiar already.


  1. Glad you posted about Tom Savini - I love learning about influential artists. I'm not an SFX artist and wasn't familiar with his work. Love his quotes!

  2. Always admired special effects. Happy you wrote about Savini. I feel that sometimes Special Effects MUA, don't always get the attention and respect they deserve! 80) Thanks.

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