Friday, December 3, 2010


(gratuitous photo of my dog Jose)
Ho ho josé

just a quick post with a link to an Eye Weekly article i'm in. check it out here... ironically, i also did the makeup for the headshots that Dan Levy and Amber Mac submitted for the same article!

i also recently did a makeup test with the new hosts of MuchMusic's brand new show New.Music.Live. ... turns out Phoebe is a big fan of Paul "the intern" so i surprised her and brought him in to meet her! she was shocked to say the least...

i also ran into fellow blogger Arianne who does The Glitter Geek at the MAC Pro store today!
With @theglittergeek

happy holidays everyone! put on some red lipstick and false lashes already!!

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  1. Could Jose be any cuter??? Love that pic! And such a great photo of you and Arianne!