Thursday, August 11, 2011

Power Outage!!

Today there was a major power outage in many areas of Toronto. The MTV building was in one of those areas, and after some deliberation as to whether we were just going to give up and go home, we decided to shoot some of the shows outside and tape the live shows.

But first, I tried to do Aliya-Jasmine's makeup in the pitch dark. I always tell her that I know her face so well I could probably do her makeup with my eyes closed... well, it appears I cannot:


So, we asked one of our interns, Kalista, to hold a light while I got AJ ready to do MTV News:



Thankfully, the power came back in time for me to shoot a tutorial with Sheena where we recreated Nicole's Pop Yo Bottles look:


and, Lise Watier put up another pic of makeup I did on Sharlene!! CLICK HERE to see it!!

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