Monday, June 14, 2010

The Hills Aftershow Finale 2007

the first time we were invited to LA to do The Hills Aftershow Finale was back in december 2007. we all had SUCH a good time on this trip!!
the weather was gorgeous, and we shot the finale at Area nightclub. we stayed in a boutique hotel (the name of which escapes me) but it was beautiful, and had a huge rooftop pool and deck to enjoy the sun on.
Jessi was wearing a gorgeous Greta Constantine dress, which i loved, but it almost caused me to have a nervous breakdown!! Dan and Jessi had a trailer at the location to get ready in, and just as i was doing final touchups and there was a knock on the door yelling "FIVE MINUTES" (this was their US debut, no presh) Jessi's dress suddenly went POP! POP-POP!! and those cool square gold attatchments around the neckline of the dress came flying off.
we looked at each other in a moment of panic. i grabbed her face and said, "It's going to be fine." (i think i was telling myself that as much as her!) then i grabbed some double-sided tape and stuck those suckers back on. worked like a charm, except my stress level through the entire (live to air!) show was through the roof, worrying that one of those things was going to pop off on air. thankfully, they didn't. let's just say i had a BIG cocktail shortly after we wrapped!!

When work was done, we went to Les Deux (at the time, frequent hangout of The Hills cast) and The Roosevelt Hotel, and danced and had fun... maybe a little too much fun!! We hung out with UFC fighters that night... random.

i kept telling Jess not to leave her coat anywhere. the last pic is Jessi looking for her stolen coat at Les Deux. she never did find it.

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