Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sneak Peek- Pop Yo Bottles video

a few months ago i wrote the treatment for Nicole Holness' new video for her song "Pop Yo Bottles". I also had a heavy hand in the styling, some of the directing, the editing, and of course i keyed the makeup! this was the first time i've ever attempted writing a music video treatment, and it was a really fun process (read: a LOT of work!!). i had an amazing makeup team that day (can't thank them enough) and the extras were all hand-picked and wonderful to work with. what a great experience! i'd love to do it again.

we shot in a gorgeous horse stable about an hour out of the city. when we first arrived everyone was overwhelmed by the "eau de farm" fragrances but after a while you kind of forgot about it. i grew up having 3 horses, so it didn't bother me... i think i was the only person there who also wasn't afraid of horses, so when you see the video, those are my hands in the quick shots of the horse being washed. there were so many beautiful animals there... it was fun to shoot with cute barn kittens running around! i think the horse i was washing really found it a relaxing experience as he peed... on my boots. i couldn't jump out of the way for fear of ruining the shot.

here's a few sneak peeks from the video:

blindfold scene screen cap

there were a lot of wigs on set that day and a lot of the male extras had a great time putting them on and doing runway up and down the stall aisles. unfortunately i didn't have time to document it.



yep, that's the horse who peed on me.

we also worked with a lot of liquid latex that day... actually, Nicole technically isn't wearing a top... i painted red liquid latex on her upper chest. Nicole and i have been friends for about 4 years now, and though we know each other quite well, painting her tatas took it to a whole 'nother level.


at one point i dropped a whole jug of black liquid latex on the floor. i had a moment of panic before realizing that it's really the easiest cleanup ever... once it dried, we just peeled it off the floor. whew.

dance sequence

here are myself, the director, and some of the extras watching playback of the "burlesque girls" scene... those girls were really into it and it made for some pretty steamy entertainment!! the girl in the front with the black lips plays the teacher in the "teacher/student" scene and she stole the show... and the guy with the black and white mask beside her is the choreographer, who we ended up using in the video in a last-minute decision! he was fantastic, too.

i loved this day. i wish i could live it over again. i love my job. thank you, Nicole, for giving me this opportunity.

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  1. You painted my tatas for TV too...and applied hair. Does this mean we are ....never mind.