Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Much Mommy

one of my favorite faces is Erica Ehm. I say this in a broader sense than just doing her makeup; i say it also because i grew up watching her as one of the first VJ's for MuchMusic. as a teenager i was glued to the tv watching that channel, and watched Erica interview some of my music heroes. growing up in small town British Columbia, i yearned to have a career like hers: wear cool clothes, talk to rock stars... i mean, come on. but Erica was different than so many of the other women i saw on tv at the time. yes, she was smart, and gorgeous, but there was something unconventional about her. she really brought her own personality, her own quirkiness to the screen. as someone who felt out of place a lot of the time as a teen, she subconsciously encouraged me to just be myself, and be so fearlessly.

fast forward a few years, and i see that Erica has created a new empire. no, that's the wrong word... she's created a community. it's for mothers. yummy mummies, to be exact. i love hitting up yummy mummy club because, in my opinion, it's not just for moms; it's for all women. and being the smart cookie she is, Erica didn't follow the paths others had laid out for her, she created her own. i'm going to guess it was by following her heart.

now, i have the pleasure of working with Erica on a regular basis, doing her makeup while she hosts Bravo! At The Concert Hall. she's everything i thought she would be when i used to watch her on MuchMusic, and now even more. she's smart, funny, gorgeous, compassionate, personable, professional, one of the most open people i know, and now i can also say that she's become a mentor.

Erica has featured articles i've written on her blog, and even mentioned me in a few of her own. (i promise i'll get around to writing a post about that whole Bono/The Edge thing in detail...)

just another reason why my job's pretty sweet.

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