Saturday, June 12, 2010


Peaches is fun to work with as she (obviously) has a very open mind and likes to play around with her image. She told me i could do "whatever i wanted" ... so i asked her to give me a "vibe"... she said, "Nina Hagen!"

Luckily, and strangely i suppose, i loved Nina Hagen when i was a teenager. She's a German musician and the proclaimed "mother of punk". I don't think she got much airplay in North America. So, when Peaches mentioned her name i said, "which album?" and in that moment i earned some points with Peaches, i think.

so, here's my Nina Hagen-inspired makeup on Peaches:
Peaches at MTV Live

Peaches at MTV Canada

Peaches at MTV Live

pic taken with blackberry in the dressing room... quality! (sarcasm).
Peaches at MTV Live

Peaches loved the makeup so much that she sent her wardrobe guy out to buy every single product.

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